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Breydon Open Regatta

Based at Burgh Castle

3rd & 4th August

2 Races on Breydon Water on Saturday

Passage Race to Reedham and back on Sunday



Briefings at Goodchild’s at 9.30am each day

Please enter online in advance by 31 July and pay £25 entry fee by BACS

sort code: 30 95 96

A/c no: 33045968

Ref : Breydon & sail  no

Sailing instructions on club website - please read!

Entry form on website

* * * * * *

Please do not use the pub car park.

For alternative parking arrangements contact secretary

The Fisherman’s Inn operate a first come first served system and do not take bookings for food.   There will not be any organised club meal.

There will be the Famous Yare Sailing Club Raffle

with a hamper worth £60 as the top prize

the committee requests donation of prizes on the day

any questions to or 01493 700904

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The series will consist of three events: the GWYC Cecil Howard Memorial Race, the CHSC Yare Navigation Race (YNR) and the YSC Autumn Open Regatta. All boats which compete in all three of these events and appear in their results as listed below will automatically qualify for inclusion in the YACS. There is no entry fee.

The results used will be those from the Cecil Howard Memorial Race, the overall results on corrected time for the YNR and the overall result of the Autumn Open Regatta. All three of these are to count, with no discard.

For the YNR only, boats which do not qualify for the YACS will be removed from the overall result and those remaining will be awarded sequential points, starting with one point for the highest placed boat, two points for the second, etc.

For the YSC Autumn Regatta, boats only need to compete in two of the three races at that event to qualify for an overall result. The Junior Helms race is not included for this purpose.

Boats marked DNF in any of the relevant results will be awarded YACS points based on the total number of boats qualifying for the series, plus one.


There will be eight trophies awarded. No boat may qualify for more than one trophy.

The trophies will be presented in this order of precedence:

1. YACS first overall: BSC Challenge Cup
2. YACS second overall: YSC President’s Trophy
3. Fast division winner: YSC Decanter
4. Middle division winner: BSC Clubhouse Cup
5. Slow division winner: BSC Century Trophy
6. Northern Rivers trophy: BSC Salver
7. Southern Rivers trophy: YSC Secretary’s Salver
8. Last placed boat overall: BSC Anchor

For the purposes of the fast, middle and slow division trophies, the fleet will be divided as equally as possible into three sections according to handicap. Boats on the same handicap will always be in the same division as each other. If a boat’s handicap is altered during the series, the later handicap will apply for this purpose.

A boat shall be deemed to be either ‘Northern’ or ‘Southern’ according to its normal summer mooring. Where there is any ambiguity, it is the skipper’s responsibility to declare which section they wish to be in before the start of the Cecil Howard Race. In the absence of any declaration, a decision will be made by the race officer at that event. There will be no appeal on this decision.

If one of the three events is cancelled, trophies will be awarded based on the remaining two events. If two events are cancelled, the series is void.

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Awarded to yachts competing in the Cecil Howard Memorial Race, the Yare Navigation Race and the YSC Autumn Open.  In accordance with the series rules, YNR results have been renumbered to omit non-qualifying boats.

Fast boats -5% and above.  Medium boats -6% to -9%.  Slow boats -10% and below.

No boat may win more than one trophy.  The order of presentation is First, Second, Fast, Medium, Slow, North, South, Last.

Sail no Name Handicap N or S Division CH YNR AO Total Place Trophy
418 Tinkerbell 8 N M 1 1 5 7 1 First
217 Melinda +1 N F 4 2 3 9 2 Second
199 Morning Calm 9 S M 5 3 4 12 3 Medium
368 Wandering Rose 2 N F 3 6 6 15 4 Fast
52 Maidie +10 S F 2 12 7 21 5 South
10 Flight 9 S M 15 8 2 25 6
224 Anna 10 S S 13 7 9 29 7 Slow
262 Jessie May 5 N F 19 4 8 31 8 North
149 Stella Genesta 19 S S 14 9 10 33 9
370 Glory 6 S M 18 5 12 35 10
25 Melody 11 S S 12 10 13 35 11 Last
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YACS standing after two events

PLEASE NOTE:  These interim results were only an indication of current standings.  As stated in the rules for this series, the YNR results have been renumbered to exclude non-qualifying yachts.  With five boats not competing at the Autumn Open, the points thus allocated changed after that event. The fast, medium and slow boat split also altered.

Sail no Name Handicap N or S Division CH YNR Total Trophy
418 Tinkerbell 8 N M 1 2 3 First
217 Melinda +1 N F 4 3 7 Second
417 Stellar +17 N F 7 1 8 Fast
199 Morning Calm 9 S S 5 4 9 Slow
368 Wandering Rose 2 N F 3 9 12 North
416 Alice Rose 7 N M 8 5 13 Medium
87 Modwena 19 S S 11 7 18 South
52 Maidie +10 S F 2 17 19
224 Anna 10 S S 13 10 23
400 Swallow 7 S M 9 14 23
218 Mystery 7 N M 6 17 23
262 Jessie May 5 N F 19 6 25
25 Melody 11 S S 12 13 25
370 Glory 6 S M 18 8 26
10 Flight 9 S S 15 11 26
149 Stella Genesta 19 S S 14 12 26 Last
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Dear RCC members,

At our AGM in November 2018 there was some discussion about the display of Registration Marks and in certain cases concerns were voiced about formal correspondence received by yacht owners.  The committee has been endeavouring to clarify the situation.  At that time, the class captain Mels Farrar wrote to the Broads Authority seeking assurances.

The class welcomed representatives from the B.A. and the NSBA at our January committee meeting, where we were able to discuss this situation in more detail.  Since then a small group of the main committee has met with the B.A. on two occasions during February.   For both parties this has been rewarding, with constructive dialogue resulting in clarification that benefits both the RCC membership and the officers of the B.A.

Below, you will see an updated excerpt from the B.A. Display of Registration Marks document, which is the result of our engagement with the B.A. - We are very grateful to have had this opportunity and have also developed some suggestions of our own for RCC owners. These bullet points complement the B.A. requirements, and if followed ensure that your vessel meets the requirements to display Registration Marks and at all times be identifiable.
Broads Authority - Display of Registration Marks document (sect 6)

River Cruiser Class - 'Best practice'
In addition to the guidance in Section 6, Broads Authority 'Display of Registration Marks' we recommend the following to our members;
1.     All yachts should have their registration numbers displayed on their bows, or on a board mounted below the bowsprit.
2.     As a class, all R.C.C. registered yachts should display their name on the transom, excluding yachts with long, low counter sterns or those with canoe sterns.
3.     Whenever the name of your yacht is obscured, such as when motoring - we strongly recommend that owners either display Registration Marks which are visible from astern, or display their Registration Marks on the outboard motor cowling, so that a vessel may be readily identified.
4.     All R.C.C. members should keep both the class and the Broads Authority appraised of changes in ownership (inc. contact details) as soon as possible.
If you need a duplicate set of Registration Mark stickers, these are available directly from the Broads Authority.
As a committee, we hope that this resolves any queries or concerns that you have had regarding the display of Registration Marks.  Also, we appreciate your support in following the B.A. requirements and our own suggestions on this matter.
Best regards
James Dugdale
RCC Captain.

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YSC Open River Championship for the Luna Barometer
an original 1895 YSC trophy

The YSC issues an Open Invitation each year for River Cruiser Class Yachts to compete in a major River Racing Championship. The Championship is for a number of river races on the Yare. They are:

1. Reedham Open Regatta, Sunday a.m. race.
2. Cantley Open Regatta, Sunday a.m. race
3. Breydon Regatta - Passage Race
4. Cecil Howard Memorial Trophy
5. YNR
6. Autumn Open Trophy, Sunday a.m race

Of the six events, a yacht's best four results count

Contact the Secretary for further details

Breeze, 177, winning CHSC's
Yare Navigation Race, Sept. 2003,
a round of the Luna Championship.

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Trial tide text service

From the Broads Authority:

"Text us to find out the predicted best time to reach Great Yarmouth when crossing Breydon Water. We are trialling this new method during May and June. Text ‘Tide’ to 60777 to receive the predicted low slack water times at Great Yarmouth Yacht Station, and the time of sunset for the day of the request and the following day. The cost is 6p plus your standard message rate."

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in various colours, with the club logo

Polo shirts in navy, pink, red (shown above), bottle green, purple, light blue

sizes SX S M L XL 2XL -  £14 : sizes 3XL 4XL  5XL -  £17

Drill shirts in Navy : sizes S M L XL £26

Crew Neck Sweatshirts in navy (shown above), forest green, antique cherry red, purple, dark heather

sizes S M L XL 2XL £16

Hoodies in navy, forest green, sport grey, red

sizes S M L XL 2XL - £20

Full zipped fleeces in navy, bottle green, bordeaux

sizes XS S M L 2XL 3XL 4XL - £22

Order forms available from Julia (money with order, please)
or click here to download one


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Would all club members and visitors participating in club races, or other organised water-borne club activities, please note that with immediate effect the committee strongly recommend the wearing of personal flotation devices whilst you are active on the water.

Additionally, you are reminded of ISAF Rule 1.2 which states, “Each competitor is individually responsible for wearing a personal flotation device adequate for the conditions."

Officers of the Day may make it mandatory for life jackets or similar to be worn while racing, with the penalty for not doing so being disqualification from the race in question.

This is for your own safety and all skippers and boat owners should ensure sufficient personal buoyancy aids for all crew members are carried on board at all times.

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Advice to Broads Boat Users

The following has been issued by the Broads Authority:

Due to the ongoing works being carried out by BESL (Broadland Environmental Services Limited) on behalf of the Environment Agency, and in conjunction with exceptionally high water levels, the following advice is given to all boat users:

· Keep well away from the edge of riverbanks - piling that is normally visible can be covered during project works and certain weather and water levels conditions.

· If in any doubt, sailing craft should tack short to avoid any potential hazards.

· Take note of any port and starboard marks and keep seaward of any temporary red warning markers denoting a potential hazard or obstruction. Be wary and keep clear of any work vessels, rigs, cranes, digger arms, barges and ground anchors.

· Check any area thoroughly before you attempt to moor and do not be tempted to moor where instructed not to do so.

· Boats must give way to towed or heavily loaded vessels or vessels restricted in their ability to manoeuvre - only overtake when advised by the skipper of the vessel.

· Report any new hazards or obstructions to the Broads Authority River Control on 01692 678459.

This advice applies until further notice.

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